They must be having a bad day, — I thought.

They must have a hard life.

I am so much above this. I am above reacting. I am above showing that I care.

My reaction only gives them strength, — I thought.

The way I always used to perceive cat-callers was a deep condescension and pity for their narrow-mindedness, poor upbringing and disproportionally low IQ. While all the above holds true, do we justify a racist for his lack of knowledge or his low situation awareness? …

This post is intended as a brain exercise and a collective brainstorming. No opinion is claimed as a fact and since, most surely, we will never know the facts anyway, why not have some fun?!

So let’s get cracking.

All media is talking about these days is… you guessed it! You know it! Coronavirus!

And in all fairness, who can ignore the thrill of the situation?!

Finally we are getting a proper adrenaline boost without having to do any dangerous physical activities whatsoever, not having to create an excuse for avoiding the gym, staying at home and watching Netflix…

Anyone knowing that I am a hard core futurist and a sci fi geek is utterly perplexed when they discover I have never seen Star Wars or Star Trek. “It’s classics, after all”

Moreover, people are absolutely shocked I despise Marvel, as this is considered the most successful representation of fantastic superhuman (aka Transhuman) protagonists.

Well, as much as I am sure Marvel hits an absolute bottom of cinematography, I decided to try my luck with Star Wars 9.

And, in all fairness, I was not disappointed, as I was expecting mainly useless battles but got a nice albeit slightly…

It was a standard gamification of the rocket launch. At the same time it was a pretty fascinating and novel experience for myself, a simple Ukrainian girl who has never done this before.

It all looked so real. The levels and assignments changed one another like flashcards.

We started with jumping several meters above an abyss in between rocket parts, moved on to fight an alien invader, then climbed steep stairs to the top of the ship, — all under the hard meteorite rain.

Adrenalin was sharpening my focus and there has been little time to reflect and notice the…

It was amusing to see a plethora of various reaction that a young girl from Sweden managed to spark across the globe, — from teenagers’ rage and anger over the ruthless Capitalism to their pure joy and hope for a better world to a contempt and unacceptable of her politically incorrect commentaries.

There were articles praising Greta for her courage, memes of her doing a thumbs up with Barack Obama, comparisons of her lonely self a year ago and a mass movement she managed to gather today; there were articles looking for “real forces” manipulating a psychologically unstable child to…

Climate Change is not a debate or a myth anymore. For many countries, the summer of 2018 has proven to be the hottest ever recorded in human history.

For the richer part of the world, global warming means equipping their houses and offices with air conditioning and adopting a Dubai-style eternal indoors lifestyle. For the majority of the world, it means suffering ever increasing levels of AC produced carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons that exacerbate the effect of global warming even further.

We traded an office freezer for a street furnace. And we increase individual air conditioning escapism even more with…

When we are talking about virtual reality today it normally has to do with VR games, Oculus Glasses and somewhat mediocre 10 minutes’ immersion into a virtual roller coaster.

There is all the talk and little to no presence in the day-to-day life. What we have as an omnipresent reality, however, is a head down generation navigating the streets through the smartphone.

We are slowly acknowledging, however, that the era of smartphones is coming to an end. With VR headsets gathering new levels of funding and constantly improving their usability and applicability, we are transitioning to the time of viewing…

As we see lately both traditional and alternative financial markets (namely stocks and crypto) are plummeting in a surprising unison.

The trend you would never expect to envision is becoming a reality.

Implications are several:

Small Picture — Crypto market appears to be responding to the same market conditions as traditional financial asset markets which shows its by now its universal permeation of the economy and its interdependence with the overall economic activity

Bigger PictureBoth dips are signaling the beginning of an approaching period of worldwide financial crisis which, as we can see from the table is happening…

Is Bitcoin What It Seems to Be?

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a groundbreaking technological concept, combining distributed ledger with an anonymity concept. It is going to do the same to trusted exchanges as internet has done to communication. All we hear is true, applications are numerous and the potential is greater we can even imagine.

How Bitcoin ≠ Blockchain

Bitcoin, while often times given as a major use case of Blockchain is just a first and ill designed proof of Blockchain’s concept. I do not believe technology is the right word to describe Bitcoin. …

If we at this stage are talking about mind uploading, why do we ignore the possibility of advanced civilizations having done so billions years ago?

Digital Immortality Is Close

According to different estimations human species has been around for plus minus 4 millions years. What might seem a lot to the mortal human being is a blink of an eye in the timeline of the universe.

Being so young, we are nevertheless pragmatically discussing the cyborgization of humanity and the feasibility of uploading our minds into a computer.

Numerous initiatives sprang up to kill the death and allow our sacred consciousness transcend the boundaries…

Kate Levchuk

Transhumanist, Futurist and a simple Ukrainian girl, writing on the philosophic implications of new technologies and concepts

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