The Origins of Russian Nazism

Kate Levchuk
4 min readJun 26


To understand a murderer, you need to think like one. To comprehend Russia’s unhealthy obsession with Ukrainian national identity and its wholehearted desire to eliminate it, you need to put on a hat of a medieval savage, which Russia is. How do you do this?

I will help you through an allegoric comparison: Imagine yourself in the “Game of Thrones”. You observe a royal family of several sons and an aging Father. The older son is sure about his future because he is entitled to the throne. He is minding his own business and generally well-liked in the court. The second son, however, knows he would never be able to inherit the throne while the older son is alive. Physical elimination of the older son is critical for his existence.

In this short tour into Medieval times, you’ve observed the essence of Russian bitterness and the tragedy of their national identity. Ukraine is the older son, the country dating back to the VIII century Kyivan Rus, the culture dating 6,000 years back into Trypillya, with its original language, religion and cuisine.

Ukraine is the successor to the culture and identity of the region. It does not have to prove it to anyone. It simply is

Russia is the second son, the impostor, — the country that has built its whole identity on the attributes, stolen from Ukraine. Even the very name of Russia and its language are expropriated from the Ukrainian Kingdom of Kyivan Rus. Russian language is derived from the Slavonic language of Kyivan Rus, where various Turkic and Bulgarian words were mixed up with the original Ukrainian to produce what we are now calling a Russian language.

What Russia did in the domain of arts and culture is even more outrageous, with a huge part of the claimed Russian artists actually being born in or having Ukrainian roots. Repin, Aivazovski, Kuindzhi, Gogol, Bulgakov, Malevich, — some of hundreds of artists stolen from Ukraine.

Yes, you read this right. Without exaggeration, most of Russian culture, cuisine, language and art were shamelessly stolen from Ukraine. Why? Because Russia has no identity of its own.

Almost everything you know about and associate with Russia is stolen from other nations, first and foremost from its older brother, Ukraine.

Still, none of it would matter much to the majority of the world, and to Ukrainians, specifically, if Russia was not now trying to also exterminate the country, that can claim the right of ownership to what Russia has been carrying as its own for centuries.

A somewhat simplified analogy can be Austria and France starting a war over the origin of a croissant. Or Britain attacking the USA over the stolen language. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Murdering millions of Jews, Poles or Ukrainians due to your own personal complexes would not sound ridiculous to Hitler, Stalin or Putin, however.

In the case of Russia we are talking about a country that has objectively created nothing of value or economic benefit for its people, or for the world. All riches Russian elites possess are the money, stolen from their obedient nation, and obtained as payment for million years old fossil fuels reserves. Apart from environmental exploitation, the Russian Federation has not done much in economic, political, or scientific fields. And while being the source of natural resources is a perfectly satisfactory role for many states, the unsubstantiated pride of the Russian people demands a bigger role, even if it requires a complete physical extermination of whole nations.

Only by thinking like Russia, you can understand a staggering reality: Russians cannot be at peace while the real heir to the Russian identity is alive. Russia believes it has to exterminate Ukrainians as a nation, because it is precisely Ukrainians that are the heirs to Kyivan Rus identity, shamelessly stolen by tribes, inhabiting Muscovy.

Now, seeing this for what it is, you can finally understand that the only acceptable scenarios for Russia is an absolute extermination of the whole Ukrainian nation or brainwashing them into believing they are nothing but Russian little cousins. This is precisely the reason why this is not your average war, but rather a Medieval Hunger Games episode, where shooting 5 y.o. children, blowing up critical infrastructure, bombing civilians and beheading war prisoners are all equally good means for the same end: physical extermination of every single Ukrainian person.

This is also a reason why Russian national ideology is not Imperialism, Rashism, chauvinism or fascist, — it is pure unadulterated Nazism.



Kate Levchuk

Transhumanist, Futurist and a simple Ukrainian girl, writing on the philosophic implications of new technologies and concepts